layer1-background Cryptocurrency Advertising Instantly! Instantly buy BULK, laser targeted advertising
from high-quality, manually vetted, niche focused websites.
Last month we served 744,420,886 banner impressions,
generating 1,260,669 banner clicks, across 100+ niche websites.


The largest niche banner network in the World!


Invite only for publishers - with quality controls.

High Traffic

We only accept branded, trusted, high traffic websites.


Fair Pricing & Full Stats Transparency.

main advertising stats

Last 30 days was 744,420,886 ads impressions and 1,260,669 ads clicks.

The CoinAd banner advertising platform is impressions priced banner advertising and popunders network that makes advertising simple and instant for both publishers and advertisers.


Simple: Simply choose the publisher website you want to buy on, pick the exact banner spot, choose how many impressions you want and you can instantly buy - no need for account creation or verification.

Run of Network: Want LARGE traffic volume? Use our Run of Network to buy up ALL traffic per banner size right across your niche category. All banner sizes and spots are checked for quality placement, ctr and traffic - we check so that you don’t have to. If you really want 100k clicks this week, we can serve them.

Quality Control: All of our publishers are long standing (6 months+ history), high alexa / high traffic, trusted websites. All publishers are fully vetted manually and often we have long term relationships with the publishers - we started out as publishers and initially CoinAd started as a niche network between our own colleagues and partners, you will love our publishers.

Fair Pricing: You get what you pay for - buy 100k impressions and you will receive them with full transparency and data on your impressions spent and remaining as well as clicks. Our impressions are RAW (not unique/capped).


Weekly Payout: We pay weekly, direct to your bitcoin wallet or paypal (by request).

INVITE ONLY: New publishers are only accepted on an invite only basis.

If you are a "bitcoin faucet" We ONLY accept websites with alexa rank under 100k, with over 100k daily page impressions. You must also be unique design and branding. We do not accept any "off the shelf" popup websites.

If you are a self improvement website, or financial website then we manually approve you based on your site, blog and traffic stats.

This is to ensure quality for our advertisers.

If this is you then contact us and share your website url and traffic stats to receive an invite.

Sell Your Own Spots: You instantly receive your own mini marketplace listing and you can sell your adspots for whatever price you wish.

Run Of Network: Or if you don’t want to sell your own spots we can include you in our run of network after testing your banner ctrs, site and positioning more thoroughly - you will receive money from buyers who buy on network wide placements and start earning INSTANTLY.