Publisher Questions:

How can I become a publisher?
CoinAd is currently invite only for publishers, our requirements are that you have Alexa rank under 100k, and a unique website, providing a quality user experience. If this is you, please send an email to us at [email protected] with your name, email, website, and traffic stats.

When will I get paid?
Every Monday, direct to your btc address.

Can I get paid in another crypto currency or in dollars?
We currently only support Bitcoin for payments, sorry.

What are the rules for publishers?
  • CoinAd banners should be given fair placement on your page.
  • "If" we pay you more than other advertising networks we politely ask for top/prime positions.
  • All banners must be visible, in full, in their original size.
  • If you intend to put banners in any kind of popup/widget please check with us first and let us approve that it’s ok.
  • Only place banners on the domains/websites you list with, if you need extra sites make new listings for each or ask us - we need to be aware of all placements. We can still see the sources, so make sure you ask us upfront so we don’t suspend/ban you :)
  • Only 1 banner of each size per page. For example you can use a 468x60, 728x90 and 300x250 but you can’t use three 468x60 banners.
  • Only a maximum of 4 banners per page.

This golden rule is important: No Cheating / Fraud: If you are cheating us you will be banned. One example of this is using an auto refresh script to generate more impressions per page visit

CoinAd publishers often earn 2-3x more than publishers on other crypto advertising networks, and it’s because we don’t allow stuff like this, our advertisers get value from our traffic - play fair with us and you will earn well :)

How do I earn bitcoin with CoinAd?
You can visit our sister site - this is our faucet, offer wall and mining network where you can earn bitcoin!

Any other questions?
Send us an email with the Contact Us Form

Advertiser Questions:

What is your pricing?
Our base pricing is around $0.12/1000 impressions, then if you want tier 1 traffic (usa, uk, ca, etc) then this is double, but if you want tier 3 traffic (in, ru, ph etc) then this is roughly half price.

How does this compare to other networks?
CoinDesk starts from $8/1000 and goes up to $40/4000 - so we are XXx to XXx cheaper than CoinDesk, and all of our traffic still does read CoinDesk - just reach them while they are on our publisher sites rather than on CoinDesk ;)

What is your minimum buy?
0.01 btc

Can you manage my campaign / help me optimise / consult?
Yes, we can manage your campaign. We ask for a budget of $10k+ for this service as we will design your banners, place ads, split test and rotate banner sets to avoid banner-blindness for you, but we are open to discussing this figure with you. We see a lot of data so we know what gets clicks and we can consult with you to ensure that your advertising is effective. Please contact us via [email protected] to inquire.

Do you have a question that wasn’t answered in the FAQ?
Please contact us via our Contact Us Form