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Ad Spots

Name Size Location Impressions (Month) Price per 1000 impressions
300*250 300x250 Middle right of all pages 2,101 0.00002585BTC ($0.2)
pop under PopUnder on all page 1,187 0.00023267BTC ($1.8)
200*200 on Faucet Claim 200x200 At the TOP of the home page --- 0.0000168BTC ($0.13)
728*90 728x90 At the TOP of the home page 1,648 0.00001293BTC ($0.1)
468*60 Middle of home page 468x60 Faucet Claim page middle 1,826 0.00002585BTC ($0.2)
160*600-top left 160x600 Faucet Claim page left 1,716 0.00002585BTC ($0.2)
160*600-top right 160x600 At the TOP of the home page 1,710 0.00001939BTC ($0.15)