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Fire Faucet

Website Alexa Rank Monthly Impressions
Fire Faucet 10,505 14,885,508


A new kind of faucet, claim every currency at once without any annoying ads and popups. Daily rank rewards and much more. About 10,000 unique users every day.

Ad Spots

Name Size Location Impressions (Month) Price per 1000 impressions
FF Top Sticky Top Sticky On few of pages, Including FireLink feature --- 0.00001365BTC ($0.1)
FF 728 728x90 Bottom Sticky 3,031,308 0.00001365BTC ($0.1)
FF 160 160x600 Left 7,328,748 0.00006824BTC ($0.5)
FF 200 300x250 Bottom on Some Pages 179 0.00001365BTC ($0.1)
FF Slider 300x250 Slider Bottom on Some Pages --- 0.0000273BTC ($0.2)
FF 468 468x60 B/w some text 4,525,273 0.0000273BTC ($0.2)