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Website Alexa Rank Monthly Impressions
Bagi Coin 70438 11,223,252

Description is Faucet Network Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dashcoin, Peercoin, Primecoin and Ethereum.

Ad Spots

Name Size Location Impressions (Month) Price per 1000 impressions
Ads_6 468x60 Modal Login and Captha 1,452,682 0.00011548BTC ($0.12)
Ads_3 468x60 Middle PopUp Center 1,638,144 0.00011548BTC ($0.12)
Ads_7 PopUnder Withdraw Page 33,374 0.00192474BTC ($2)
Ads_5 160x600 Middle right 2,129,229 0.00009624BTC ($0.1)
Ads_2 300x250 Middle PopUp Center 1,416,983 0.00009624BTC ($0.1)
Ads_1 300x250 Middle right 2,239,391 0.00009624BTC ($0.1)
Ads_4 728x90 Middle Bottom 2,313,449 0.00011548BTC ($0.12)