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Getcoin Faucets 121,176 13


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Ad Spots

Name Size Location Impressions (Month) Price per 1000 impressions
160x600 160x600 Left and Right (all faucets page) --- 0.00001318BTC ($0.15)
500x400 500x400 Claim button (all page faucets) --- 0.00001758BTC ($0.2)
slider 300x250 Slider right bottom --- 0.00001758BTC ($0.2)
468x60 468x60 header, main page 5 0.00002197BTC ($0.25)
300x250 300x250 center of claim button (all faucets page) --- 0.00001758BTC ($0.2)
728x90 728x90 top header claim page 8 0.00001758BTC ($0.2)
top sticky Top Sticky header, member page --- 0.00002637BTC ($0.3)