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Bitcoinker 40789 29,494,640


Bitcoinker // one of the oldest and highest paying Bitcoin faucets!

Ad Spots

Name Size Location Impressions (Month) Price per 1000 impressions
Middle Banner 500x400 Middle section of the page. 4,945,469 0.00004478BTC ($0.12)
Sidebar Top Banner 300x250 Top banner on the sidebar. 5,201,522 0.00004478BTC ($0.12)
Page Header 728x90 Upper most center section of the page. 4,458,038 0.00004478BTC ($0.12)
Page Footer 468x60 Lower most center section of the page. 4,872,911 0.00003731BTC ($0.10)
Sidebar Bottom Banner 160x600 Bottom banner on the sidebar. 4,885,931 0.00003731BTC ($0.10)
Sidebar Middle Banner 200x200 Middle banner on the sidebar. 5,130,769 0.00003731BTC ($0.10)