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Scratch 4 Satoshis

Website Alexa Rank Monthly Impressions
Scratch 4 Satoshis 375500 111,165,324


Scratch 4 Satoshis is a "scratch and win" site that awards a minimum win in bitcoins with higher prizes based on matched numbers. Currently has good Alexa site rank and less than 8% bounce rate.

Ad Spots

Name Size Location Impressions (Month) Price per 1000 impressions
Main Page 468x60 Above the fold, landing page and payment page. 38,472,584 0.00027413BTC ($0.25)
Navbar 728x90 Above the fold, Navbar 36,436,929 0.00027413BTC ($0.25)
Captcha 468x60 Captcha Entry 3,318,837 0.0002193BTC ($0.20)
Captcha Top 300x250 Captcha Entry above Submit button. 32,936,974 0.00027413BTC ($0.25)