Bitcoin Banner Advertising by Coin Ad
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High Quality CPM Banner Advertising

The CoinAd Banner platform is an impressions priced banner advertising network that makes advertising easy.

Simply choose the publisher website you want to buy on, pick the exact banner spot, choose how many impressions you want and you can instantly buy - no need for account creation or verification.

Quality Control: Our publishers are hand picked and highly vetted. They are all either long standing (6 months+ history), high alexa (100k or under), high traffic (AT LEAST 200k impressions per day), trusted websites.

Geo Targeting: To guarantee quality and relevancy we offer the ability to geo segment your advertising. You can target just USA, or all of the EU, or you can target Russia and India - wherever your audience is located, you can laser in on them.

For Serious Advertisers Wanting High Volume :There is no other single source with as much focused bitcoin traffic as Coin Ad. Through our publishers you can reach 150 million page views per month on some of the highest traffic bitcoin websites in the world.

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Or choose the website you wish to advertise on:
Website Monthly Impressions
CoinPole Community 104,858,422
Moon Bitcoin 96,593,317
Moon Litecoin 93,368,812
Moon Dogecoin 89,605,567
Get Yout Bitcoin Faucets Network 82,731,625
bitLucky 75,931,937
BTC For Clicks 74,296,391
Bitvertizer 71,857,560
Bonus Bitcoin 63,649,969
adBTC 41,799,655
BTCClicks 36,296,832
BitcoinBow 23,791,087
Faucet Game Network 20,914,112
SurfBTC 17,322,975
IndexBitcoin 15,200,319
Satoshi Hero 12,742,392
Bit Fun 11,593,946
Daily Free Bits 11,523,061
IndexRotator 11,378,367
Bitcoinker 9,671,057
GoBits 9,353,444
AirDrips and Bitcoin Aliens 7,767,513
Bitcoin Micro Shortener 6,824,535
Cliquebook 6,565,942
StarBits 5,972,542
BIG BTC WIN 5,567,205
FreeBitcoin 4,057,202
EthereumClix 3,527,169
Field Bitcoins 3,258,547
Familybtc 3,026,530
LTC X UP 2,890,102
Cliquesteria 2,852,864
BagiCoin Network 2,737,508
HOT Coins 2,608,985
ETH X UP 2,551,986
Get Free Coin 2,546,242
Bitsvisit 1,797,887
Express Bitcoin 1,781,886
BTC X UP 1,719,050
Mining Drips 1,586,324
Yougetprofit 1,472,573
PentaFaucet Network 1,077,266
Bitcoin Flips 1,023,127
BoxBit 917,283
printmoney 771,512
iFaucet 752,404
Extra Bitcoin 749,483
Take bitcoin 720,098
xFaucet 674,271
Konstantinova 551,352
My115 Faucet 450,764
Lucky Bitcoin 444,261
Crypto Fights 404,371
BoomFaucet 292,692
Zap In 292,352
BTC catcher 283,958
BattleBit 234,648
Wheel of Bitcoin 188,098
Invest in Blockchain 77,406
The Faucet 14,960