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Website Alexa Rank Monthly Impressions
AirDrips and Bitcoin Aliens 1,055,657 230,022


This is the master ads inventory for AirDrips. It includes our adspots in the AirDrips widget as well as our key self-managed sites:,,,,

Ad Spots

Name Size Location Impressions (Month) Price per 1000 impressions
468x60 468x60 468x60 45,193 0.00001773BTC ($0.15)
300x250 Slider 300x250 Slider Corner of screen on all DAO websites 30,161 0.00004727BTC ($0.4)
Main Sponsor 500x400 Central 12,617 0.00002954BTC ($0.25)
160x600 160x600 160x600 1,663 0.00001182BTC ($0.10)
300x250 300x250 300x250 17,527 0.00001773BTC ($0.15)
728x90 728x90 728x90 43,760 0.00001655BTC ($0.14)
AirDrips 300x250 Sponsor Spot 300x250 AirDrips Online Widget 45,588 0.00003545BTC ($0.30)
Sticky Header Banner Top Sticky Top of all DAO Websites 33,513 0.00004727BTC ($0.40)