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Name Size Location Impressions (Month) Price per 1000 impressions
Bottom 728x90px 728x90 Bottom 34 0.0000218BTC ($0.2)
728x90px In Surfer Page 728x90 Top Surfer Page 1,123 0.00002725BTC ($0.25)
Top 468x60px 468x60 Top Header 34 0.0000218BTC ($0.2)
300x250px Slider Banner 300x250 Slider Bottom Corner 38 0.00004905BTC ($0.45)
160x600px In Account Page 160x600 Account Page (Right Side) 4 0.00002725BTC ($0.25)
Pop Ads On View Ads Page PopUnder View Ads Page 3 0.000218BTC ($2)
Top sticky header Top Sticky Topest 40 0.0000436BTC ($0.4)